Koha-US would like you to submit a proposal for your site to host the 2020 koha-US annual conference. 

We would like the overall conference to consist of 2 days of structured conference activities and 2 days of less structured un-conference/hack-fest/workshop types of activities – sometime between July 15 and September 30.  Any conference venue must be able to adequately handle a minimum of 80 attendees and must also have adequate WiFi and electrical service for that number.

In order to keep costs as low as possible, preference will be given to free/library spaces – please indicate if you have access to spaces that will be available to use for free/very low cost (and if you are willing to accept the costs for that venue). 4 of our previous 6 conferences have been in the pacific time zone so we are hoping for many proposals from other zones this year.

The deadline for proposals is December 31st, 2019.

Questions and/or comments related to this request for proposals should be directed to info@koha-us.org