We Are koha-US

Communicate, Educate, and Collaborate. As our membership and leadership evolves, these core elements define the purpose of koha-US: all in the effort of strengthening involvement with the global Koha community. Our members and volunteer leadership make this possible. Learn more about koha-US as an organization, and get to know the members and leaders involved in koha-US.

With you, we could do so much more. Consider becoming a member, and help us create a better future for libraries and Koha, together.

Part of a Global Community

koha-US is a proud partner in a Global Community.  While we strive to be a hub for the US users of Koha, we also encourage those users, with the rest of the Koha community, to participate through the various resources listed here.  If you see a resource is missing from this list, please contact us at info@koha-us.org for our consideration.