Development collaboration workflow

To support our dedication to the future of Koha, most funds raised by koha-US are applied to the development of the software. Members are in control when it comes to choosing and managing developments funded by koha-US. Our development collaboration workflow is as follows:

  1. A call for proposals will occur twice per year in January and July.
  2. A subcommittee will form annually to vet proposals and communicate with the submitter for clarifications and suggestions. The subcommittee will also determine which proposals are outside of the scope of our development funding due to technical limitations or costs.
  3. An at-large vote will be scheduled and announced, with voting to occur in February and August:
    • koha-US members in good standing will vote via email or online poll
    • Ballots will include a “do nothing” option if members wish to wait and spend the funds at a later time
    • Voting will use a ranked, instant runoff system:
      1. Voters will rank the options from most desired to least desired
      2. If two or more options tie, the option with the fewest votes is eliminated
      3. Votes are re-tallied without the eliminated option
      4. This process repeats until a definitive winner is established
  4. An ad hoc committee which includes the proposal submitter will form and follow the development through:
    • Finalizing the spec
    • Identifying a developer
    • Negotiating the price
    • Monitoring the development and answering questions
    • Testing and signing off

Approved by a vote of the membership on 8/23/2018.

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