Development collaboration workflow

To support our dedication to the future of Koha, most funds raised by koha-US are applied to the development of the software. Members are in control when it comes to choosing and managing developments funded by koha-US.

The call for proposals from koha-US Members is open at all times.

  1. To propose a development the following must be submitted:
    1. Description of the function
    2. Number of the Bug in bugzilla
    3. Quote for the work OR enough information to complete an RFP
  2. The development committee will vet the proposal
    1. Consider things like: Broad appeal, type of libraries that would benefit, etc.
    2. Submit an RFP if no quote is given and negotiate a price.
    3. Determine the maximum % Koha-US would fund.
  3. The proposal will go before the membership.
    1. Vote yes/no
    2. If yes, pledge amount to support the proposal ($0-$100,000)
  4. If development is funded through the voting process, then we move to step 5 otherwise the development is added to the Koha-US dashboard to generate more financial support.
    1. Donation threshold for adding other “sponsored by” lines is 25% OR $1,000 depending on the development
    2. For donations less than 25% OR $1,000, Koha-US will invoice the pledging libraries at the time the contract is signed.
  5. Once the proposal is fully funded, the proposal will be submitted to the developer with the winning bid for creation of a contract. The contract will be signed by a member of the Koha-US Board. The contract needs to include a clause that states 50% of the funding will be paid up front and 50% will be paid at completion of the development.
  6. If a development is completed before we are able to fund it, any money raised will be allocated for specifically funding other developments (and not other budget items.)
  7. An ad hoc committee which includes the proposal submitter and members of the development committee will form and follow the development through
    1. Finalizing the spec
    2. Monitoring the development and answering questions
    3. Testing and signing off
  8. When the development is pushed to master, the Koha-US membership will be notified.

Updated by a vote of the membership on 10/12/2022.

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Wanna talk it out?

If you have an idea but want to talk out the details or have questions about how the process will work, please e-mail