Introduction to Koha

Koha Devbox

What other Open and free tools do you use in your library? Let us know at Also let us know if we can list you as a contact for other libraries who have questions.

Episode 1

jQuery: Cart Enhancement

In this thrilling video, George and Christopher walk you through the jQuery needed to make the “CART” shelving location more visible in the OPAC and the staff client.
Episode 2

jQuery: Status Enhancements

In this week’s terrifying episode, Christopher and George monkey around with the statuses in the detail page so staff can see jaw dropping detail between different statuses. Christopher also learns how to correctly spell TERRIFIC on the title screen.
Episode 3

Slip Logic

This frightening episode highlights the magical code that can add logic to your slips, making them smarter, powerful, and maybe even a little more attractive – much like the hosts.
Episode 4

HTML Messages

In this shorter, more riveting episode, George shows how to restore HTML functionality to patron messages and more. He also figures out how to stop the recording.

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Episode 5

Links in Reports

Excite your noodle on this fantastic episode, where George adds links to reports (Not the Jimmy Dean kind).

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Episode 6

Concatenation and If Statements in Reports

Hey, its a SQL sequel! If that hasn’t blown your mind, George certainly will when he combines Concatenating and If Statements into one glorious training video.

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Episode 7

SQL: Like vs Equals

There is no tutorial that equals this bi-weekly mayhem. And if you enjoy it, be sure to like it too! George will dazzle you with his straight-forward explanation of these two comparison operators. And is there any thing else he might add this week?
Episode 8

SQL: Dates and Subqueries

Continuing on with the SQL saga, George freaks Christopher out with his geeky date voodoo and Subquery magic.

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Episode 9

SQL: Coelesce

You can’t get something out of nothing – unless perhaps you understand the essence of coalesce, more or less. This is good stuff.

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Episode 10

SQL: Unions

In order to form a more perfect union… you need to watch this video! We’ll go over how to show the results of multiple queries in a single report.

Episode 11

SQL: ExtractValue

In this exciting, action-packed episode, George goes in for an extraction – of subtitles in Marc records. Will he get them out in one piece? Watch, and find out!

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Episode 12

SQL: The Dashboard Finale

You’ve watched the life-sucking training videos that led you step-by-step through each detail of George’s twisted mind. Now watch the video that brings it all together in a slow, unrelenting madness as you take control of Koha and become the master of SQL and item records. (Maniacal laughing inserted here.)

Episode 13

jQuery: Enhanced Search Facets

Hold on to your facets, because you ain’t seen nothing yet! This week Christopher takes the helm as he navigates viewers through the bizarre world of search facets. One could almost say it’s “facet”-nating!

Episode 14

jQuery & CSS: Enhanced Suspended Hold Listings

Holy enhanced features, Batman! This is the feature you’ve all been waiting for. No more delays! This week, Christopher shows of a brand new tweak that will really make those suspended holds stand out, and even shed some light on future holds.

Episode 15

jQuery & CSS: Placards

It’s time to boldly go where no man has gone before – or at least no Koha OPAC has gone before. Join us this week as we explore strange, new worlds with our hosts while they show you how to add placards (information panels) to OPAC search results for items outside of your normal collection. This is an episode that even Jean Luc Picard would be proud of. (Or is that Jean Luc Placard?)

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Episode 16

Notices & Slips: Template Toolkit

This week we welcome our very first special guest, the awesome Lisette Scheer! Lisette will be dazzling us with her wicked skills in Template Toolkit, making notices and slips better for the entire world. She will also bring an extra sparkle to the usual witty banter.

Episode 17

Library Bookshelves: A WordPress Plugin

This week we escape from the norm, and look at a WordPress plugin to display book covers based on reports from Koha. And our video editing is slightly improved as well. But don’t let that distract you from this awesome plugin.

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Episode 18

jQuery: Quick Permissions

We give you permission to ooh and aah over this gem of jQuery. We’ll show you how to setup quick permission buttons in your user permissions, so you don’t have to scramble, trying to remember the same settings you’ve set for every other staff member. And as an added bonus, a button to copy permissions from one user to another, just to make it that much more exciting and spectacular. Are you drooling yet?