1. Vision – You will be at the forefront of koha-US’s future plans.

  2. Experience – Develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to run a successful non-profit organization.

  3. Development – Board participation leads to uncovering insights you can utilize in your professional and personal development. You will have opportunities to improve existing skill sets and develop new ones.  It looks amazing on your resume and impresses your employer.

  4. Leadership Opportunities – You will have opportunities to take a lead in discussions and projects.

  5. Service – Contribute to the growth and future success of the organization.

  6. Community – koha-US is made up of a wonderful community of knowledgeable and helpful librarians and support staff – joining the Board helps you build stronger relationships with other Koha users and enthusiasts; an invaluable resource for your job.

  7. Achievement – Take a chance for people to see you in action – you’ll gain the satisfaction of making things happen.  Again, looks great on a resume!

  8. Awareness – Gain a better understanding of how to benefit from koha-US’s programs and services.

  9. Pay it Forward – Serving on the board provides another way to contribute to the growth and future success of koha-US and the larger Koha community.  

  10. Insider Sneak Peaks! You’ll know what’s happening before everyone else!