The Coeur d’Alene Public Library in Coeur d’Alene, ID will be hosting the 2017 Koha-US annual conference:


The cost for the conference will be $25 (this amount subject to change upon final costs from suppliers) to cover coffee, water and snacks for us during the conference itself.

Coeur d’Alene Public Library
702 E Front Ave
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

August 9-12, 2017

Registration is now closed.

Preliminary Schedule (Subject to change)

Please note we are still gathering information, so the schedule will be updated as it comes in.

Recording Archive – All the recorded sessions are marked in the schedule below (I’m still adding – come back later to see the full slate of archives) and are in the Playlist at YouTube

Access presentation slides/notes, and photos from the conference here: Presentation Slides/Notes/Photos

Access a scanned copy of the conference program here: 2017 conference program (The member directory has been obscured to hide member phone numbers and e-mail addresses.)

Wednesday – August 9
8:00AM Registration/Snacks (Community Room)
9:00AM Welcome/Housekeeping/Intro to track system (Community Room)
9:15AM Keynote SpeakerChris Cormack via Internet (Community Room) Slides
10:00AM Break
10:15AMSession 1AKoha Community, ways to communicate and connectLisette Scheer/Christopher Davis (Community Room) Slides
 Session 1BEDI: You can make it work for youTricia Brauer and Rhonda Kuiper (Story Room) Slides Recording
 How EDI can streamline your acquisitions and cataloging processes.
11:00AMSession 2ANetworking SessionFree time (Story Room)
 Use this free time to talk to that person across the room who you think that you recognize, but who you can’t quite put a name to. You could also just introduce yourself to someone you don’t yet know.
 Session 2BMana-kbBrendan Gallagher (ByWater Solutions) (Community Room)
 The shared knowledge base for all Koha users around the world. Quick discussion with a short demo.
12:00PM Lunch on your own
1:30PMSession 3AKoha Toolkit: Enhancing the User ExperienceBarbara Glassford Johnson (Community Room) Slides
 How we used CSS, jQuery, Tools and Reports to customize the library catalog and maximize staff efficiency. Examples and code provided.
 Session 3BKoha adoption in Academic Libraries in NigeriaBasiru Adetomiwa (Story Room)
 Experience in Cataloguing of Students project, Journal article and Newspaper indexing.
2:15PMSession 4ANExpress Koha Show and TellGeorge Williams (Community Room)
 Demonstrating several ways that the NExpress consortium is using existing components of Koha, jQuery, and CSS in ways that other libraries may not be aware of.
 Session 4BInventory: A quick and (mostly) painless approachJason Robb (Story Room) Slides, Extra Documentation
 A crash course on using Koha’s inventory module with a tablet and Bluetooth scanner. We will also discuss benefits and complications.
3:00PM Break
3:15PM Roundtable Discussions
  AcquisitionsModerator: Viccy Kemp (Jameson Room)
  System Administration Policies/Circ RulesModerators: Lisette Scheer/Christopher Brannon (Story Room)
  CatalogingModerator: Tricia Brauer (Community Room)
  Public ServicesModerator: Robin Hastings (Gozzer Room)
  Library Marketing/Using ReportsModerator: Myka Kennedy Stephens (Craft Room)
4:00PM End
Thursday – August 10
8:30AM Snacks/Mingle (Community Room)
9:00AM Welcome/Housekeeping (Community Room)
9:15AMSession 5AInventory in Koha: Our step by step processEli Anthony (Community Room) Recording Slides
 Detailing the process we use to inventory our libraries, from the initial planning all the way through to managing the data it produces.
 Session 5BYou Can Be an Open Source LibraryMyka Kennedy Stephens (Story Room) Slides
 Migrating to Koha was the beginning of a chain of migrations and adoptions of open source platforms to support library operation at Lancaster Theological Seminary. We migrated our digital archive from dSpace to Omeka, an open source platform that supports online exhibits and embedded media files. When we needed to make guides available online, we turned to the open source library guides platform SubjectsPlus. For managing and archiving the Seminary’s electronic records, we adopted an open source digital asset management platform called ResourceSpace to create an internal institutional repository. This session will introduce each of these platforms along with the pitfalls and rewards of becoming an open source library.
10:00AM Break
10:15AMSession 6ACollection finances in Koha for new users : we did it–and you can, too!John Sterbenz (Story Room) Recording Slides
 Come learn about collection finances–getting started, fund accounting, elementary reporting, invoice payment, standing orders, and more!
 Session 6BNew item sharing: Let Koha do the heavy liftingJason Robb (Community Room) Slides Recording

Using Koha features and some JavaScript, we’ve created automated regulation of new item sharing. I’ll share our setup and experiences.

Additional Documents 1, 2, 3, 4

11:00AMSession 7ATiny CMS, Big Design Dreams: Using Koha as a Library WebsiteAmanda Tarbet (Story Room) Recording
 Our small academic library used Koha’s Tiny CMS to build a user-centered and full service website using only CSS, HTML and a bit of javascript. If we could do it, so can you!
 Session 7BMake Your Receipts More UsefulGeorge Williams (Community Room) Recording (Audio only)
 Add jQuery and CSS to receipts in Koha to make the receipt output more useful to front-line circulation staff.
12:00PM Box Lunch Presentation: EBSCOHost Discovery for Kohahosted by EBSCOHost: Mike MacKinnon and David Podboy (Community Room) Recording (Incomplete – the recording stops before the end of the presentation.)
1:30PMSession 8AUse lists in Koha for a variety of tasksChristopher Davis via Internet (Community Room) Recording
 Librarians and patrons can use lists in Koha for a variety of tasks including reader’s advisory questions at the reference desk, merging duplicate titles, and batch record processing.
 Session 8BDoing Project Management – Practical Tips for Tech ProjectsRobin Hastings (Story Room) Recording
 This session will focus on how to successfully manage all the small details and big deadlines that come with tech projects, with a focus on the movement from one ILS to another.
2:15PMSession 9ALocal Support: A panel discussion on venturing into open source and development of local supportChristopher Brannon, Mark Foster, Lisette Scheer, George Williams, Kari Wilson (Community Room)
 Support staff from various libraries will share their experiences in building local support for their Open Source ILS.
 Session 9BDoing AuthenticationMyka Kennedy Stephens (Story Room) Recording
 Hear one library’s story of moving from referring URL technology to SAML-backed OpenAthens for authenticating off-site access to eResources.
3:00PM Break
3:15PM Roundtable Discussions
  Conference Ideas for 2018Moderators: Tyler McLane/Fred King (Jameson Room)
  CirculationModerator: Jason Robb (Story Room)
  Feautures We’d Like to SeeModerator: Rhonda Kuiper (Community Room)
  FundraisingModerators: Brendan Gallagher/Todd Goatley (Gozzer Room)
4:00PM End
Friday – August 11
8:30AM Snacks/Mingle (Community Room)
9:00AM Welcome / Intro Session – SQL, You Can Too!Lisette Scheer (Community Room)
9:45AMHackfest 1ABug Testing / Patch Writing (Those who want to do) (Jameson Room)
 Hackfest 1BBug Testing / Walk me through (Story Room)
 Hackfest 1CMore SQL / Hold my hand (Community Room)
 Hackfest 1DjQuery / Make it work for me (Gozzer Room)
12:00PM Lunch on your own
1:30PMHackfest 2ABug Testing / Patch Writing (Those who want to do) (Jameson Room)
 Hackfest 2BBug Testing / Walk me through (Story Room)
 Hackfest 2CMore SQL / Hold my hand (Community Room)
 Hackfest 2DjQuery / Make it work for me (Gozzer Room)
3:30PM Closing / Review of Hackfest Workflow (Community Room)
4:00PM End
Saturday – August 12
8:30AM Snacks/Mingle (Community Room)
9:00AM Welcome / Intro Session – Kohadevbox – Your test environmentChristopher Brannon (Community Room)
9:45AMHackfest 3ABug Testing / Patch Writing (Those who want to do) (Gozzer Room)
 Hackfest 3BBug Testing / Walk me through (Story Room)
 Hackfest 3CMore SQL / Hold my hand (Jameson Room)
 Hackfest 3DjQuery / Make it work for me (Community Room)
12:00PM Lunch on your own
1:30PMHackfest 4ABug Testing / Patch Writing (Those who want to do) (Gozzer Room)
 Hackfest 4BBug Testing / Walk me through (Story Room)
 Hackfest 4CMore SQL / Hold my hand (Jameson Room)
 Hackfest 4DjQuery / Make it work for me (Community Room)
3:30PM Closing / Comments for Next Year (Community Room)
4:00PM End
Coeur d'Alene Inn / Best Western Plus
506 W Appleway
Coeur d'Alene ID 83814
Phone: 208-765-3200
Fax: 208-667-1495

Call 1-800-251-7829 and mention Koha-US Conference to receive the group rate.
  • Nights available for the group rate are August 8-12.
  • Room types include:
    • Single Queen
    • Double Queen
    • Standard King
    • Courtyard King w/Sofa
  • Amenities include:
    • Complimentary breakfast
    • Parking
    • Wi-Fi
    • Hot tub
    • Swimming pool
    • Fitness center
  • Shuttle to/from the airport is $50 one way, or $65 round trip.
    • The shuttle also provides free transportation to/from the Coeur d’Alene Resort, which is a few blocks from the library.
    • Please make arrangements in advance for transportation downtown.
    • Hotel is not within walking distance of the conference
Other lodging options:

Please send your related questions/comments to cbrannon at cdalibrary dot org